Vermont Fall & Winter Fun iPhone App

Back in 2010, I launched an iPhone app, thanks to multi-talented travel writing guru Kim Grant, who invited me to take the plunge. First step in the process: Get an iPhone and see what the heck apps were all about. After several months of planning and writing and endless calling the hundreds of places to make sure the info was accurate, it launched!

Then reality set in and I realized that it would take a LOT of work to update it every year. My life was veering away from travel writing and I just couldn’t sustain the energy it would take to keep it going with the high level of accuracy and vim and verve that it would need. So I gave it away. And from the looks of it, the person it ended up with realized the same thing, and it has flatlined. R.I.P., Vermont Four-Season Fun!

But wait! Some essays from the Clare version still exist:

Vermont Winter Fun feature stories
When there’s no snow, run with the dogs!
December, 2010
A feathery frolic on the Long Trail January, 2011

The app is upp!

In mid-December, Apple launched my new iPhone app, Vermont Winter Fun. When the temperature takes a dive, crack into this app for a feast of activities, from mild to wild, to keep you entertained and out savoring the natural beauty of the Green Mountain State, in ways you might not have thought of — until now. You’ll find activities for:

– Six kinds of skiing: alpine, cross-country (classic and skating styles), backcountry, and Telemark
– Six kinds of skating: hockey, figure, stick-and-puck, Nordic, “wild,” and speedskating
– Plus dogsledding, snowcat dinners, climbing gyms, ice fishing, ropes courses, moonlight outings, paintball biathlons, curling, kite-skiing, wild-game feasts, harvesting your own Christmas tree, horse-drawn sleigh rides, winter festivals, workshops for winter photography and circus skills, and don’t get me started on late-winter sugarin’ season, when sap from maple trees is distilled into Vermont’s own liquid gold.

Monthly updates will offer:
– Timely additions
– A “Cool Picks” calendar of unique winter events for the coming weeks
– An ever-growing list of interesting dining and lodging options
– A fresh, in-depth feature story that will delve into an aspect of Vermont’s wintertime landscape and activities and, perhaps, inspire you to grab your gear and head out for some Vermont winter fun!

Listings focus on activities. For this premier edition, lodging and dining is included only if they are directly associated with an activity destination. As updates occur, you will see more choices for grabbing a bite and bedding down after an exhausting day of fun.

– Sort by activity type and keyword to help you find exactly what you’re all revved up to do
– GPS maps let you home in or get the bigger picture
– Inter-app links offer more information provided in other entries
– Internet links take you to sites offering even more information
– Reviews are opinionated and well researched. If a destination is poorly run or just plain NOT fun, it doesn’t make the cut.
– Tons of practical information, including road and weather conditions, ski conditions, and more.

Each month I’ll post a new feature that drills more deeply into some of the activities covered in the app. Starting off with a dog-scooter ride on a snowless day, watch for the upcoming story on snowshoeing!

About the publisher, Sutro Media
Vermont Winter Fun is published in partnership with Sutro Media. By enabling local writers to share their expertise on mobile phones, Sutro Media is making it easier and more fun to explore the world!

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