Dream a little dream

In early 2011, I met my first ukulele on a trip to Hawaii. Within a few months, it ushered me through a door I never was aware that I had been seeking. I had tried to learn a few instruments throughout my life but nothing really strummed my heartstrings like that first ukulele.

Over the next few years, all I wanted to do was play, learn, celebrate, goof around with, and generally soak up the sweet resonance of that high, sweet tone. I have met and learned from and taught and played with a great, laughing river of musicians and friends.I am continually amazed at where this little instrument takes me. My life has changed and I am filled with gratitude and a profound joy.

This is website is the beginning of … something ukuleleish, among other things. How it evolves and what it contains will be discovered as it happens. Meanwhile, a thankful tip o’ the uke to Kate S., who made that fateful trip to Hawaii possible in the first place.

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